Our Mission and Vision

At BYE Institute our mission is to empower Black, Brown, and underserved youth and their families by providing an avenue for training and resources that will enable them to:

Address social inequalities

Establish anti-racist practices and policies

Abolish barriers to education and dismantle the school-to-prison pipeline

Utilize restorative justice practices as a way to address conflict

Increase personal, mental, social, and financial well-being

Promote communal development

Our work is driven by fostering an environment that allows for:

  • Innovative thinking and action
  • Diversity and collaboration
  • Space to address social inequalities while striving for equity
  • Room for discomfort as we strive for growth
  • The highest standards of honesty, transparency, and respect.

Through this work we hope:

To radically shift the paradigm for valuing Black and Brown communities and livelihood with the reduction of disenfranchisement and the promotion of Black/Brown enterprise and prosperity.